Time of the Season: Winter Wheat in Early Spring

After a few seemingly endless months of winter on the Great Plains, the sight of green on the landscape is a beacon of hope that warmer days are just around the corner.

Although a few cool season weeds in my yard almost sneak past my attention undetected, it’s tough to ignore an entire field of winter wheat greening up. It seems to take at least another month for the rest of the countryside to come back to life.


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How Farmers Buy Seed

One of the first signs of spring is the arrival of a garden catalog in the mailbox. Fantasizing about picking crisp green cucumbers on a warm summer evening is the perfect antidote to a cold, windy day.

Mr. Corn Farmer often reminds me that he’s a bigger and better gardener than I am. It’s true, but selecting seed for our farm is no fantasy. It’s serious stuff.


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Time of the Season: Calving

Is there anything better than watching baby calves kick up their heels in the sunshine? For us, that’s one of the favorite things we see on the farmscape.

There’s no doubt that baby farm animals are just plain cute, but we know that from a herd health standpoint that calves who race around with tails straight up in the air are feeling good. It’s always fun to watch the antics and energy of little ones, but also reassuring that all is well. We breathe a sigh of relief, for we know that treating sick calves can be an uphill battle.

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